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"Very nicely done and interesting."

Mark Waldre, Ph.D.
AIX Records and iTrax.com

Stressed? Just Listen

"This is great for listening to unwind from a long day or just to sit and dream of being in the wilderness when you are stuck in the office. This is a great podcast!"


"Keep up the good work."


Simply Delicate

"Wonderful nature sounds, made me feel like I was there. I became relaxed and soothed. Very pure and captivating rhythms."


Relaxing & Refreshing

"The natural sounds on this podcast are excellent, they help you to relax while at the same time refreshing you to enable you to face the day stress free and focused or on the other hand drift off into a comfortable deep sleep."

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Today's Inspiration


Your worries will go

"These podcasts are great. They have helped me relax much easier, keep the good work up"


"love the background music on those videos"


Perfect for Chillin'

"I dig these podcasts--good variety and great to de-stress!"


Enjoyed the sounds

"I enjoyed the sounds. Very realistic ocean sounds. Most ocean sounds sound like static. This really sounds like the ocean. The sounds of spring is great for people who are used to the sounds of people and may need those sounds when lonely. Keep working on different sounds I enjoy them."


It's okay

"The birds are not really relaxing, they are just kind of annoying"